1. Diane,
    A great reminder for parents…and a terrific illustration of the real Value of “Brand”; that is, something that transcends words (or logos or tag lines), connects with a target, and resonates long after any tangible act to communicate.

    Thanks! — Eric

  2. This is a wondeful story. Thanks so much for putting this down on paper, er … html code … umm… you know what I mean. : )

    • mktgbydm said,

      Thanks Mark for taking the time to comment. I had given a presentation not too long ago for the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce on Ethics. In speaking to some professionals, they said it would be interesting to think back in my childhood as to why it was almost second nature to me to implement high ethical standards. That is why I wrote this because I realized that without even knowing it, I was learning and I don’t know that parents are aware of the impact they have even in casual conversations.

      Also, I wanted to emphasize your Personal Brand and the importance of how people perceive you. So many times we think of Branding as our logo, company image, what does the company stand for, logo colors, etc.

      Thanks again.


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