October 19, 2009

What is the “best” client gift?

Posted in Advertising Specialties-Promotion, Holiday Client Gifts at 3:00 pm by mktgbydm

How do you decide what is the “best” choice of client gift for this holiday season?  Is there really a best choice or should you individualize your gift?  Clients will ask, “What is the hot item for this year?”  One of the most asked questions is, “Should we put our logo on it?”  Well, let’s discuss these challenging decisions. Advising clients on this decision-making process is not easy because there is a lot of emotion involved when you’re giving a “thank you for your business’ gift.  So first we are going to take the emotion out of it and be logical…..we’ll slowly move to the center between emotion and logic. 

In this economy careful consideration has to be given on who you are giving the gift to and does it look as though you spent too much.  Imagine that!!  You may have already decided to cut back on your budget  and that is perfectly O.K.  The thought REALLY does count.  Spend the most time on deciding whether you want to get the same gift for all or different gifts for newer clients, long-term clients and/or potential clients.  Set a budget and stick to it.  Remember don’t confuse bigger with better because in the end, the most important thing is the quality of your relationship.

Back to the gift now…..the so-called “hot” item depends on the person receiving the gift.  Bracelet flashdrives are really a popular item but you have to be sure if it is really going to be appreciated mainly because it is your hard earned dollar that may be wasted. So all that being said, regarding your higher-end clients, since you may decide to budget more dollars for these gifts, a choice may be to put your logo on it but choose something where your logo can go INSIDE.  As an example anything leather that can be debossed inside such as a business card case (even if metal that can be etched inside), padfolio, books, document folders, etc.  Executives do not want to carry someone elses logo which is too visible.  On the inside is fine and it is your client that you want to continually see your logo anyway.  Your newer clients and/or potential clients, a visible logoed item is perfectly appropriate.  Probably something they use everday or see everyday would be best.  However, don’t conform to the usual pen or mug unless it is so very different.  Make sure when you are talking with anyone regarding purchasing promotional product, they are not just “selling” but giving great consideration to whom you are giving the gift and if it is going to be something that will show you had an “emotional” commitment when you chose this gift for them.  Here is where the emotion comes in!!   Your budget, the economy, ROI are all the logical decisions made first, now you are free to get emotionally involved and with the help of a professional in Advertising Specialties you can make a good decision.