October 13, 2009

Just Sayin’

Posted in Advertising Specialties-Promotion at 2:54 pm by mktgbydm

A simple question like “What color it that?” is not as easy to answer as you might think…..at least in the Advertising Specialties business.  For instance, if I said “celery, pistachio, serene, meadow, ming, peapod” to a golf event organizer who needs polos for attendees, the response might be “I just want light green polos!!” 

Now I know all professions have their challenges, and I admit this is one of the “fun” challenges, but you can imagine the confusion.  The blue shades are even more inclined to cause a blank stare….ice blue, Jamie blue, empire blue, metro blue, Carolina blue, California blue and I could go on but I am sure you get the picture.  Men inparticular seem to be totally confused with Taupe or Stone but of course confusion is not limited to either gender.  Ladies….I know you can picture the color Flamingo in your mind’s eye but here is the question….”Would you like a nice sweater set in Bitteroot?”

Every year as Promotional Product professionals we take special color courses (just kidding)…but maybe we should.  Believe me, we will have new colors next year and I’m thinking we should come up with a name for one. 

 So that being said…..any suggestions you may have, I will be happy to convey to all the “color decision-makers”.  Please comment and send me a Color Name with a brief description of the shade.  Join in the fun that I have everyday.