October 3, 2009

Just Sayin’

Posted in Advertising Specialties-Promotion at 8:18 pm by mktgbydm

Learning something new everyday is just the way it is….unless you want to be left behind.  So, naturally, since I am in business and social media is really the “hot” means to communicate even more effectively than in the past, to me it was a must to investigate.  So for my very first blog I would like to share with you some of my inital experiences on Twitter.  For me personally, it has been fascinating.  My choice was to follow people that were posting informative links.  So much information out there and changing very fast.  Luckily some of my followers knew exactly where to find blogs and websites that I can learn various imperative information.  I have made so many wonderful connections that I would not have ordinarily been able to.  Businesses large and small are missing a great opportunity if they are not exploring the advantages that Twitter presents. Don’t forget to add it to your business plan.  Watch, listen and learn and you too will be as intrigued as I am regarding this awesome opportunity to connect and build relationships.  Who knows….you might even grow your business and meet some great people doing it!!  Now, I must develop my Plan and integrate Twitter in my everyday communications.   Have you finalized you Plan?   Any advice?